Find Out How It All Started Until The Online Bingo Revolution

Bingo is a special game. In the country, children and adults participate in family bingos, where special moments of fun guarantee the animation of the parties. The bingo halls were closed in the country, making gamblers from all corners of the world feel orphaned as they could not place any more bets or even have fun with their friends during games.

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The online bingo appeared to minimize this inconvenience by providing a new way to make bets and enjoy trusted online casino the fun that the game brings. With this novelty, the public in addition to placing paid bets will be able to interact with other participants through live games or in the chats that exist in some games. But to reach that level, bingo went through a series of modifications, check out this historical process. 

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The Evolution Of Bingo

Bingo in the elections: during the middle ages in Genoa, it was the local custom to replace senators and members of the chamber periodically, and this was done in the simplest possible way. First the names were placed in balls inside an urn, then the names were publicly drawn. The draws were made in this way to avoid any kind of favor to any candidate. This custom has spread to other countries, and this is the embryonic form of the game.

  • Lo Giuoco Del Lotto D’Itália : around 1530, in Italy, a kind of lottery born on Saturdays called “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Itália” was born. It became very popular and crossed borders reaching France in 1770. There, bingo became a very popular game among the nobles.
  • Beano : as early as 1900 an American marketer who was traveling in Germany was enchanted by the novelty, which was called Lotto. He made a point of bringing that form of fun into his business. At the fairs in which he participated, the new game was a way of attracting customers. It rehearsed some changes and in the 1920s, and the game already reconfigured began to be called Beano.

The numbers were placed in an old cigarette box and the tokens, bought by customers, were marked with beans. This custom made the game start to be called Beano, from the word beans, beans in English.

A New Bingo Configuration

  • Edwin Lowe : a toy seller was at one of these fairs and participated in the game. Beano’s booth was always full of customers who crowded and euphorically participated in the draws. Edwin Lowe, admired by the number of participants and the fun provided, decided to take the novelty to the United States. The game gained a new configuration that was very successful in the land of Uncle Sam. In an animated match, someone was so excited that instead of shouting “Beano”, when completing a card, he shouted “Bingo”. There were so many games with deception that the game got a new and definitive name.
  • Carl Leffler : this math teacher and partner at Lowe, produced a large number of combinations on the bingo cards. He was responsible for the creation of around 6000 cards. They say that after this work Leffler went crazy.
  • Bingo For Charity : this game was widely used in charity events. The church managed to raise enough money for the charity while the players had fun.
  • Online Bingo : Currently the online version dominates the world of betting, especially in countries with banning gambling laws.

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